xmas wish list


cotton candy!

me with watermelon flavored cotton candy at the fug girls karl lagerfeld launch at the beverly center macy’s.

i partook in the eating of a large junk food platter at simon la at the sofitel hotel on saturday night.
cotton candy!, caramel corn, regular and chocolate covered rice crispy treats, orange sherbet, mini hostess style cupcakes, mini hostess style coconut cakes (to die for!), chocolate ice cream, donut holes and milkshake.

ice cream dreams

if you are looking for creamy, delicious ice cream with out of the ordinary flavors, L.A. creamery is your place. i have had the sweet corn and french toast crunch. next trip i will take a scoop of the spicy chocolate.

this inspired me to use my kitchen aid mixer ice cream maker attachment and whip up a batch of popcorn infused ice cream with salted caramel sauce recipe here. the picture is not so great but the ice cream was.